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The Author

Eric J. Dolce is a native of Queens, New York (Cambria Heights) with roots in Haiti where he spent his high school years. After graduating from Gardner Webb University in Boiling Springs, NC he moved to Pasadena, CA. His work in Pasadena centered on youth ministries including a position as an 8th grade teacher at a Christian school for two years. While working in several posts, he was reminded and became reacquainted with the influence of rap lyrics over the lives of young people.

Jay-Z’s Blueprint album had a profound effect on Eric. Perceiving a challenge to the Christian community in the song “Renegade”, an idea was conceived that would become a book. Eric J. Dolce combines a fierce allegiance to Jesus Christ with a sincere respect for the aspect of Hip-Hop Culture called Emceeing; made popular thru the corporate rap industry. The result of these two passions is Jesus and Jigga: Where Hip-Hop Meets Scripture.

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